Chris Keeble -  Fish out a water Productions manages 'The Independents'


This is a collection of Australian original singer songwriters basically around the genre of blues, folk, roots, rock. Aimed primarily at soloist but also duos/trios.  Other genres and groups can and will be added if demand is there.


The aim is to become a one stop shop for interested venues, agents, bookers and a promotional vehicle for original artists to help support and encourage original works and spread the word.


There will be a small per annum fee to be a part of The Independents stable. This fee will be waived for 2017 as part of the building process and fees will commence in  Jan 2018 and each Jan thereafter while you want to remain on board.. there is no obligation to stay on.


'The Independents' will regularly promote and support all acts. This will be done via Newsletters and social media.. Along with any other opportunities that arise.


'The Independents' is not a booking agency, nor a personal manager.


It should be viewed as a promotional / support company with  Chris's philanthropic outlook of supporting original music. The small annual fee helps Chris to maintain websites and social media/PR hours, advice both on business, industry and creatively (if needed). .. It is hoped that venues, agents, bookers etc looking for original artists will come to you via this medium.


Artists should send the following only to

  • Name

  • Phone number and email 

  • Website/Facebook link (assuming these have audio samples if your work?)

  • short 200 word intro.. describe your style etc

  • Low res picture

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