Below are some projects Ive developed either in collaboration with a partner or flying solo.

Some have a website link, youTube link and some are just an FYI with small bits of info.

The other 99%

Wild at Heart - The Other 99%

a co production with Ian Schubert. Pilot pitched,

back to the drawing board,

under development.

about motorbikes, and the people who ride them.

The Cherry Pickers

The Cherry Pickers:

An art exhbition focusing on awkwardness. The first time you lost your virginity. 63 celebrities share a funny moment. Imagery by fine arts students. Cause cervical and testicular cancer awareness. exhbited 2003


Puppets with Attitude:

3 dimensional life size puppetts. performed at festivals, corporate gigs. Meet Neville Stubbs and Gloria Pitts. Now hanging up and retired, very fond memories. Developed, made and performed. Neville was beaten on Channel 9 Red Faces by an 8 year old who made siren noises! go figure!

Producer and director for sports days, festivals and events of all sizes.

Here i am with Panthers ground announcer Scott McRae.. who is now my partner in the Stevie Wright show.

shuffle the line

Shuffle The Line: a mixed medium of art, music (audio). See the music, hear the art, feel the words.

At this stage this is a facebook page.

Would love for this to become a major exhbition.

One day!

2013 chris keeble - fish out a water productions. ckck