“Chris epitomises the words "Creative" and "Smart" ! Having worked alongside Chris and also watched her work from a distance, we have found Chris to be simply .......EXTRAORDINARY. If you want someone who is comfortable having dinner with the local farmer, the accountant, the shop keeper, the politician or the multi millionaire (in fact all of them together) then Chris is it. If you want someone who sees a side of a situation that you simply could never see, then Chris is it. If you want someone who is unique, passionate and motivated beyond belief, then Chris is it. If you want someone who can juggle multiple things without having to wear a clown suit, then Chris is it. If you want someone to take on a project and deliver on it to not only meet your expectations but exceed them beyond your wildest dreams, then Chris is it. If you want someone that truly thinks differently and drives results, then Chris is it. If you want someone who touches peoples lives and is simply unforgettable, then Chris is it. Chris is a champion and excels at everything she puts her hand to.

Jenny White  Director White Now


Thanks very much for the 2 hours you spent with us on Monday.  I was amazed at what we achieved (and learned) in such a short time.  I thought that we were embarking on a process that would take months to just choose a name but in 2 hours we had 5 possible names and 5 possible positioning statements as well as a plan for implementation.  Wow, well done!  I thought you also managed the people in the room very well.  A couple of us a very dominant and I know it’s a challenge to give everyone an opportunity for input in these sessions.

Thanks again   Des Quinn  CEO

Keppel Community Care


“Chris is a dynamic thinker and has the sort of energy that makes you believe that anything is possible. And with Chris this is pretty true. She has the capacity to think outside the square and then follow through with practical outcomes. Chris cuts through any cotton wool and her direct approach is refreshing. Chris is just great to work with.”  Peter Cousens , Founder,CEO and Artistic Director , Kookaburra National Musical Theatre Company


Dear Chris, I really enjoyed your talk on the 23 May 2011.

I came to the meeting really tired and your entertaining speech picked me up immensely.

I have made a list of seven things that I must do on a personal and business levelC

I have a dream of being the most famous artist in Australia and it is certainly a very interesting hobby. Cam Shroder lawyers

“Energy, Enthusiasm, Innovation - I'm not sure you need much more from a person assigned with the task of building and delivering content for an entertainment venue. Chris certainly had, and still has, these qualities - she makes things happen, curtains raise, sparks fly, cheers sound.”    

Max Cowan , Marketing Manager , Panthers Group

Chris was employed to come up with creative ideas for our venue. What Chris delivered was a highly professional vision in a exciting format of different media . I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a vibrant, exciting and highly creative concepts for their business. Chris is honest, and very passionate about her work and the work she does for others and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for edgy, creative and unique concepts for their business” March 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

Bill Alexiou - Hucker  CEO  GPSM

'Tradition is the illusion of permanence'

2013 chris keeble - fish out a water productions. ckck