Heading 5

What I need from a performer- solo or duo only

  • Name of Album you cover ( cover the guts of it.. you can do a couple of other well known songs from that artists catalog.  People wont mind if the obscure track 8 is not covered.. etc. maybe your copy was scratched !

  • Your head/PR shot. low res will be fine  its for the web. juts 1 shot

  • Your website link and any other links to your original works eg Soundcloud Youtube.

  • A small bio - about 200 words and inc the genre of music you think you fall into eg Blues, Jazz, Country

You must have

  • An original body of works

  • A PA system

  • The ability to cover a Classic Album

email above to

No more and no less.. please keep it to the point and what I need above only.

These will be paid gigs from the venues and looking at Sunday afternoons around 2pm- approx 2 to 3 hour gigs

2013 chris keeble - fish out a water productions. ckck