'Give me the baby, not the labour pains'

Thanks so much, Chris, for your fabulous presentation at our NSW Business Chamber meeting last week. It was great and I make that statement on the basis that I felt I had heard it all before’.

Thanks again, Chris, really appreciate your fresh approach to an overworked topic.

Creativity, Marketing, Branding




With a specialty in assessing businesses and helping with creative marketing and communication strategies, Chris also instigates developing the potential of the people within your business.


My presentations are based around creative thinking, looking at things differently, understanding what makes brand and the power of ‘wow., Being Brave and Crazy.


All presentations are interactive, fun and are to the point.


‘Just watched the amazing Chris Keeble entertain and inspire 130 women at our International Womens Day luncheon.  They loved her and it remains my distinct privilege to know this "brave and crazy" lady.’

- Bob Adamson


The Brand of Business, Being and Buyer. BEING BRAVE AND CRAZY


A set of fresh eyes and a shot in the arm for both the individual and the business.

“Give me the baby not the labour pains”

Designed for all members of staff, from the front line to the boardroom, even innocent bystanders! .

What’s really important with business and how we need to think as daring creative individuals to lead teams into the future.


Establish the power of branding and why the brand of the BEING needs to be engaged before the brand of the BUSINESS. Then get to know the BUYER and the BLOGGER, understand their BRAND and shift into it.

The way of the future, the way forward for all business, lies within, starting from the individual and is based on creative thinking..


            ”If it isn't broke, maybe break it and think differently”


A 30 min speed talk, one or two hour presentation or workshop – the longer the presentation the more focus can be gained to include Q and A and general creative mini brainstorming sessions for your relevancy. Presentations are all tailored to you, your business and most importantly the audience.


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